What is the NAECR Policy Fellows Program?

The NAECR Policy Fellows Program features a series of informal conversations among First Five Nebraska and NAECR early childhood researchers at the University of Nebraska.

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What are the objectives?

  • To educate NU early childhood researchers on local, state and federal policy processes, impacts and relationships to research.
  • To provide the Nebraska policy community with insight into the University of Nebraska’s latest early childhood research.
  • To create meaningful, bidirectional connections and collaborations between the research and policy communities to develop a policy-relevant research agenda and enrich early childhood experiences.

How does it work?

NAECR selects up to four early childhood researchers to participate in the program. Participation includes four conversations over the course of the academic year and participation in a culminating activity (e.g., presentation, panel). Fellows are expected to engage in and contribute to an active, ongoing and supportive dialogue about the connections between policy and research.

Representatives from First Five Nebraska will provide insight into policy process, impact and the relationship between policy and research.

Participants must be current NU faculty or current NU administrative research personnel.

What is the timeline?

  • Applications are due May 31, 2022
  • Fellows are notified of acceptance by June 14, 2022
  • Fellows program runs September 2022-May 2023

Past, present NAECR Policy Fellows

Cohort 1

Danae Dinkel, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Marc Goodrich, University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Soo-Young Hong, University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Rachel Schachter, University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Sarah Zuckerman, University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Cohort 2

Alexandra Daro, Buffett Early Childhood Institute
Jenna Finch, University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Anne Karabon, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Marisa Macy, University of Nebraska at Kearney
Amanda Prokasky, UNMC Monroe-Meyer Institute