NAECR Student Researchers

NAECR student researchers are engaged in early childhood research within the University of Nebraska system. They have access to NAECR resources, such as NAECR News, and receive invitations to NAECR training and education events. They also have the opportunity to network with other students interested in early childhood.

If you are a University of Nebraska graduate or undergraduate student engaged in early childhood research and are interested in becoming a NAECR student researcher, email

Name Email Level Department Campus
Mashael Altwijri Doctoral CYAF UNL
Pearl Avari Doctoral CYAF UNL
Jentry Barrett Doctoral CYAF UNL
Jamlick Peter Bosire Doctoral CYAF UNL
Anna Burton Doctoral CYAF UNL
Joseph Byrd Doctoral CYAF UNL
Keting Chen Doctoral CYAF UNL
Yesenia Delgadillo Undergraduate Psychology UNL
Sohyla Elgabry Masters Nutrition & Health Sciences UNL
Molly Goldberg Doctoral CYAF UNL
Elizabeth Hamik Undergraduate College of Arts & Sciences UNL
Saima Hasnin Doctoral CYAF UNL
Katelyn Hepworth Doctoral CYAF UNL
Carly Hillburn Masters Nutrition & Health Sciences UNL
Qingyu Jiang Doctoral CYAF UNL
Rachelle Johnson Undergraduate Learning & Developmental Research UNL
Hannah Kerby Doctoral Educational Psychology UNL
Lauren Laifer Doctoral Psychology UNL
Sergio Leiva Cardona Doctoral Special Education & Communication Disorders UNL
Ann Matthews Doctoral CYAF UNL
Colin McGinnis Doctoral Educational Psychlogy UNL
Barbara Racine Doctoral School Psychology UNL
Erin Ramsdell Doctoral Psychology UNL
Sarah Roberts Doctoral CYAF UNL
Rachel Schumacher Doctoral Educational Psychology UNL
Jiwon Shin Doctoral CYAF UNL
Fatima Sibaii Doctoral Biomedical Engineering UNL
Jasmin Smith Doctoral CYAF UNL
Elizabeth Svoboda Doctoral Educational Psychology UNL
Lauren Thayer Doctoral Special Education & Communication Disorders UNL
Sydney Thomas Undergraduate Special Education & Communication Disorders UNL
Renata Trefiglio Mendes Gomes Doctoral CYAF UNL
LaDonna Werth Other IANR UNL
Chelsey Wisehart Undergraduate Nebraska Resource Project for Vulnerable Young Children UNL
Yinbo Wu Doctoral Psychology UNL
Orphee Tamba Masters Health Promotion UNMC
Maranda Thompson Doctoral Pediatrics UNMC
Matthew VanOrmer Doctoral Medical Sciences Interdepartmental Area UNMC
Jacy VerMaas Doctoral Physical Therapy UNMC
Kristen Cunningham Doctoral Psychology UNO
Alexandra Daro Doctoral Psychology UNO
Kristy Feden Other Educational Leadership UNO
Hannah Lopez Masters Special Education & Communication Disorders UNO
Katie Lorenzen Masters Grace Abbott School of Social Work UNO
Maggie Rasmussen Undergraduate Physical Activity in Health Promotion Lab UNO
Amy Schmidtke Doctoral Educational Leadership UNO