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The following positions are for students who are seeking work experience in Early Childhood Research.
At UNL, additional student research opportunities are available from UCARE.

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Family Development Lab

Faculty: Rebecca Brock
Contact Email:
Start Date: 05/01/2021
Position Type: Volunteer
Position Requirements: No requirements. Ideally previous research experience and experience working with young children.
Age Group: Toddlers
Hours per Week: ~10

The Family Development Lab, under the direction of Dr. Rebecca Brock, is currently seeking research assistants for the 2021-2022 academic year. Preference will be given to students who can begin in the lab over the summer of 2021. Please note that we plan to start reviewing applications March 1st. Candidates with prior research experience (e.g., participant recruitment and retention, clinical interviewing, behavioral observation, data management, supervision of a research team) are preferred, but this is not required. Apply here: For more information:

Pre-Algebra Competence among Students with and without Mathematics Learning Difficulties

Faculty: Jessica Namkung
Marc Goodrich
Contact Email:
Start Date: 06/01/2021
Position Type: Paid hourly
Position Requirements: Must have some availability during school hours (8-3); Must have own transportation
Age Group: Lifespan
Hours per Week: 5~15 hours

The purpose of this project is to explore various factors that are associated with pre-algebra competence for students with and without mathematics learning difficulties. Research assistants will be trained to administer cognitive, linguistic, and mathematics measures to local middle school students, score, and manage data once collected.

ProPELL - Promoting Preschoolers' Early Language Learning

Faculty: Rachel Schachter
Drs. Cutler and Piasta
Start Date: 01/11/2021
Position Type: Volunteer
Course credit
Position Requirements: Interest in research and previous experience working or volunteering is preferred.
Age Group: Preschool/Pre-K
Hours per Week: 6 to 10

The overall aim of the project is to identify classroom practices that support young children’s early language development. Tasks may include coding and transcribing video observations of preschool classrooms, participating in project meetings and training, data entry/cleaning, and development/ management of project materials. Interested students may have the opportunity to present data appropriate outlets. Students must have 6 to 10 hours of weekly availability during normal work hours (M-F, 9-5).

Parents of Newborns

Faculty: Julia Torquati
Contact Email:
Start Date: 02/15/2021
Position Type: Volunteer
Course credit
Position Requirements: access to a password protected computer with Zoom
Age Group: Infant
Hours per Week: flexible

We are studying the transition to parenting and predictors of parenting behaviors. We are looking for students who are interested in conducting online interviews with parents via Zoom for the Parents of Newborns Study. You will be trained to use the Working Model of the Child Interview, and to record a parent-infant play interaction on Zoom. Each interview and interaction will take up to two hours. Must have access to a password protected computer with Zoom.

Language Development and Self-Regulation in Monolingual and Bilingual Children

Faculty: Marc Goodrich
Contact Email:
Start Date: 09/01/2021
Position Type: Volunteer
Course credit
Position Requirements: Proficiency in Spanish and English preferred
Age Group: K-3
Hours per Week: 6-10

This project will examine the association between children's language skills, the quantity and quality of language exposure in their school environment, and their self-regulation outcomes. We will examine these relations across children who are and are not bilingual. This project will enroll participants who are in kindergarten through second grade. Research assistants will be expected to work with students in their school environment to collect data, and will work to transcribe, enter, and analyze data once collected.

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