UNL Steering Committee

Rebecca Brock

Rebecca Brock Assistant Professor

Rebecca Brock’s research is aimed at understanding the development of mood and anxiety disorders, along with other comorbid forms of psychopathology, with an emphasis on the family context and its etiological significance. Her work focuses on couple relationships, applying a multidimensional model of relationship quality to understand functioning across several domains. Her research goals include developing interventions for preventing and treating adult and child psychopathology, and comorbid family dysfunction.

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Kelley Buchheister

Kelley Buchheister Assistant Professor

Kelley Buchheister studies student learning in early mathematics and STEM related fields. Her explicit research focuses on two things: addressing the need to attend to equitable opportunities in teacher education, and working to develop our understanding of students’ interpretations of mathematical ideas, particularly represented through engineering activities like block play.

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Carrie Clark

Carrie Clark Assistant Professor

Carrie Clark’s current research is focused on the development of executive function and self-regulation, particularly in early childhood. She is interested in the implications of socio-familial and perinatal risk for self-regulation and in the links between executive function and academic achievement. She uses neuropsychological testing, neuroimaging and physiological methods in her research.

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Cynthia Cress

Cynthia Cress Associate Professor

Cynthia Cress specializes in language development and disorders, early intervention, and augmentative communication. Her main research activities involve communication assessment intervention for young children with severe disabilities. She is norming new screening and assessment tools for detecting communication risk in infants under 12 months.

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Marc Goodrich

Marc Goodrich Assistant Professor

Marc Goodrich’s research focuses on examining the development of language and literacy skills among children in the United States who speak a language other than English at home, including language-minority children and English-language learners, with a particular focus on native Spanish speakers.

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Soo-Young Hong

Soo-Young Hong Associate Professor

Soo-Young Hong focuses on EC professional development in science education and preschool inclusion. She is interested in studying effective ways to engage teachers and children in science learning, and promoting children’s acceptance of peers with disabilities and their teachers’ understanding of children with different levels of abilities.

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Anne Schutte

Anne Schutte Associate Professor

Anne Schutte's research focuses on cognitive development in early childhood. She is interested in the role of experience in the development of spatial cognition, examining the development of spatial working memory in early childhood and which experiences influence its development. She is also interested in developmental changes in the neural underpinnings of spatial working memory, using the dynamic field theory in her research.

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Stephanie Wessels

Stephanie Wessels Associate Professor

Stephanie Wessels’ coursework, research, and teaching has focused on literacy development for young second language readers for the past several years.

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Sarah Zuckerman

Sarah Zuckerman Assistant Professor

Sarah Zuckerman’s research focuses primarily on place-based multi-sector partnerships for simultaneous education and community renewal. She has special interests in Early Childhood Education, Rural Schools and Communities.

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