NU Advisory Board

Megan Adkins-Bollwit

Megan Adkins-Bollwit Associate Professor University of Nebraska at Kearney

Megan Adkins-Bollwit focuses on adaptive and mainstream physical education. She conducts research in the areas of teacher preparation, physical education, physical activity, technology integration and diverse populations.

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Juan Casas

Juan Casas Associate Professor University of Nebraska Omaha

Juan Casas’ research specializes in relational aggression and victimization, peer relationships and friendships. He serves as director of the Developmental Psychology program at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

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Danae Dinkel

Danae Dinkel Assistant Professor University of Nebraska Omaha

Danae Dinkel is passionate about developing and evaluating evidence-based physical activity programs, as well as identifying factors that impact children’s ability to live a physically active lifestyle. Her research interests are physical activity promotion in underserved populations, community-based initiatives for improving physical activity and the impact of physical activity on motor and cognitive skills development.

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Wayne Fisher

Wayne Fisher Professor University of Nebraska Medical Center

985450 Nebraska Medical Center 402-559-8863

Wayne Fisher’s research focuses on several intersecting lines, including preference, choice, and the assessment and treatment of autism and severe behavior disorders. His research has been notable for the creative use of concurrent schedules of reinforcement, which have become more commonplace in clinical research.

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Kate Gallagher

Kate Gallagher Director of Research and Evaluation Buffett Early Childhood Institute

Kate Gallagher’s work focuses on developing applied research and evaluation studies involving children from birth to Grade 3, their families and the early childhood professionals who care for and teach young children. Gallagher has more than 30 years’ experience as an early childhood professional and educational psychologist, including teaching, home visiting and leading early childhood programs in early intervention and inclusive preschools.

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Amanda Garrett

Amanda Garrett Research Assistant Professor Buffett Early Childhood Institute

Amanda Garrett is a research methodologist who designs research and evaluation projects, collects and analyzes data, offers methodological expertise, and composes research briefs and manuscripts for dissemination. She has experience teaching in the field of early childhood education, as well as field experience overseeing community learning centers.

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Marc Goodrich

Marc Goodrich Assistant Professor University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Marc Goodrich’s research focuses on examining the development of language and literacy skills among children in the United States who speak a language other than English at home, including language-minority children and English-language learners, with a particular focus on native Spanish speakers.

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Lisa Knoche

Lisa Knoche Research Associate Professor University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Lisa Knoche develops, implements and evaluates early childhood intervention and prevention programming. She works closely with researchers and community partners to develop research proposals and implement investigations. Her role includes research administration, data management and analyses, as well as research dissemination. Knoche also directs CYFS' Nebraska Academy for Early Childhood Research.

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Dawn Mollenkopf

Dawn Mollenkopf Associate Professor University of Nebraska at Kearney

Dawn Mollenkopf directs the Early Childhood Unified program and also teaches the Early Childhood specialization in the Curriculum and Instruction Master's program. She has been an active participant in committees focused on policies affecting young children and their families.

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Abbie Raikes

Abbie Raikes Assistant Professor University of Nebraska Medical Center

984365 Nebraska Medical Center 402-559-4325

Abbie Raikes’ research focuses on early childhood development in high-risk contexts. Her research integrates developmental science with epidemiological methods to measure children’s development across populations. Her work is reflective of many environmental and biological units, and works across various sectors in public health and education.

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Anne Schutte

Anne Schutte Associate Professor University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Anne Schutte's research focuses on cognitive development in early childhood. She is interested in the role of experience in the development of spatial cognition, examining the development of spatial working memory in early childhood and which experiences influence its development. She is also interested in developmental changes in the neural underpinnings of spatial working memory, using the dynamic field theory in her research.

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